Raging Fyah Presents Reggae Music for the Soul on 'Destiny' Image

by Jordan Delahaye

Raging Fyah’s signature style – soulful roots rock reggae music – is presented in fine style on their sophomore album, Destiny. Kumar Bent’s voice is like a mighty wonder that resonates throughout the album, rich and electrifying, expertly enhanced by exceptional music and underlined by an infectious groove.

If you’ve ever been to a Raging Fyah concert you would understand why the band is renowned for its live shows. Raging Fyah is lead singer Kumar Bent, bassist Delroy Hamilton, drummer - Anthony Watson, Demar Gayle behind the keyboard and Courtland White on guitar. Each member is an adept musician in his own right and their individual talents combined makes for an unforgettable experience.

The same intoxicating spirit that the band brings to its live performances is channeled in Destiny

"If it’s not live, it’s dead," the band asserts. 

In order to capture that live vibe a lot of time was spent on production, rehearsing and getting comfortable with some of the songs on stage prior to recording.  

Many have compared the emerging band to the likes of Bob Marley and The Wailers and Third World but while the artistry might be complementary, Raging Fyah’s sound is distinctly original and Bent’s vocal performance on Destiny is unprecedented. His voice is soaked with soul and presents something more than just rehearsed crooning. Every lyric is pronounced with feeling and Bent seems to imbue something of himself into each song.

Reggae music connects with its African roots on the track “Africa” and Kumar’s heartfelt performance is supported here by a talented cast of backing vocals. 

The theme of “destiny” is reiterated on the track and the lion artwork in the album’s cover along with the band’s Rastafarian background could hint at some significance between “the motherland” and Raging Fyah’s latest inspiration.

The band explains however that Destiny was the theme chosen as the follow-up to their debut, Judgement Day, as it seemed natural that “after judging oneself, one would align themselves with a particular mission”.  The album illustrates the band’s journey with fervent emotion and oftentimes takes a spiritual tone; “Jah Glory” seems to be at the pinnacle of this spiritualism. 

A parallel can be drawn between the track and Bob Marley’s own hippie-anthem, “One Love”, but “Jah Glory” goes a more devotional route and adds a lick authenticity with some well placed guitar riffs.

Destiny is a record that goes beyond boundaries, pulling its inspiration from cultures all over the world. The album carries a metropolitan appeal while expertly capturing and building on the nuances of the reggae genre to inevitably present a sound that is borderless.  

“We experimented with a few more genres to create our sound [on the album]. We wanted to create music that speaks to a larger group of people,” they revealed. 

The album’s sign-off, “Dance with You”, showcases Raging Fyah like you’ve never heard them before. The dynamic dub track moves at a steady pace with a complex palate and is a testament to the band’s ingenuity and finesse with its hybridization of a cherished sound.

The album will be available worldwide both digitally (on iTunes and the like) and on compact disk on June 17th. The official launch will be held on the same day at Triple Century Sports Bar and Grill, 69 Knutsford Boulevard, starting at 7pm. Copies of the album will be available upon entry at a cost of JA$1000 and fans will be treated to a special live performance by the band.

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