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On August 7, as a half moon glistened across the sea's surface, ocean breezes wafted the silk and sand voice of Raging Fyah lead singer Kumar Bent along the shores of Wickie Wackie Beach, to the satisfaction of the some five hundred fans. The band, which is hot on the off-the-beaten-path live music scene, launched its first album Judgement Day along the Bull Bay coast at the first anniversary of the increasingly popular Wickie Wacky Live event franchise.

Former students of Edna Manley College, the band launched the Wickie Wackie Live monthly series in August 2010 and have established it as one of the most important live music stages for emerging talent to promote themselves, and for key industry players on the look-out for new and exciting talent. 

The evening opened with  Wickie Wackie Live's main selector Gabri Selassie getting the fans rocking and grooving to classic tracks as they sampled holisitic treats from Healthy Diets and watched the sun set over the Caribbean Sea. 

The anticipation was palpable as the fans awaited the main event. The crowd bristled as the six-member Raging Fyah band took the stage, joined by a horn section and percussionist to deliver the full sound produced in studio for the 11 track, self-produced album. Without much ado the band sank into their catalogue of warm and heady tracks, as Bass player Delroy Hamilton, drummer Anthony Watson, keyboard player Demar Gayle, and lead singer and rhythm guitarist Kumar Bent crooned crowd favorites like Running Away . By the time the playlist arrived at Cyaan Cool, the beach bonfires were not the only things blazing on the beach.

With perfectly tempered ocean breezes circulating the pulsing sounds of great Reggae music, fans from near and far (including a few lifelong fans who journeyed from St. Elizabeth), could not get enough of Raging Fyah. Their performance of the mellow ballad Far Away brought things to a calm and then built back up to a climax as the ladies in the audience screamed for an encore.

The fans however weren't the only ones excited.The group was well supported by members of the musical fraternity. JARIA President and founding member of Third World and Edna Manley College lecturer, Ibo Cooper, congratulated the band on their discipline and focus, and spoke to the power and potential of reggae in the international market and the probability of Raging Fyah fulfilling that potential. 

Robert Bryan, CEO of Grizzly's Entertainment congratulated the band he fondly referred to as his "sons", boasting proudly of "watching the boys grow under his roof," where they have been practicing diligently for over a year in preparation for their international career. Producer Mikey Bennett described his observations in watching the band record  Judgement Day at his Grafton Studio, and  commended them  on their committed work ethic and musical style. 

As Raging Fyah moved off stage to speak with visiting journalists and take photos with their fans, other Wickie Wackie Live alumni took the stage to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the series. Duane Stephenson blessed the audience with a selection of hits from his catalogue (including tracks from his acclaimed Black Gold album). Stephenson was followed by a rousing set from the Kurfew band. 

The electrified audience lingered well into the night as they savoured the refreshing combination of good music, irie vibes, and great ambiance which has come to characterize the Raging Fyah experience. It is plain to see that reggae music is in good hands with Raging Fyah, who make "music for the rebels."

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