Queen of the Pack, Patra, returns with 'Sweet Reggae Music' Image

by Biko Kennedy

Known for fusing 90's RnB and Pop with a hardcore Dancehall flavour, Queen of the Pack, Patra - who takes her name from a shortened version of Cleopatra - returns to airwaves with the same persona but way more energy and success-laced desires.

Receiving her big break in the late 1980s after a stellar Sting performance, Patra almost immediately tapped into the international successes with a slew of hits inclusive of Romantic Call, Worker Man, Pull Up To My Bumper, Yo Yo and Think About It and her critically acclaimed debut Queen of the Pack in 1993.

But after her sophomore album Scent of Attraction in 1995, she essentially disappeared from the scene with the question "What happened to Patra" looming in the musical atmosphere. Despite releasing two below-the-radar albums in the 2000s; The Great Escape in 2003 and Where I've Been in 2005, her presence virtually wasn't felt until 2012 with a release featuring Subkonshus member Delus called Come Ova.

"I called it self-exile because I wasn't in control of my music and I wanted to be in control. So in order for me to do that, I had to tek whe myself in certain ways. I didn't know it would take this long, however, I was ready for however long it takes for me to be in control of my music like I am now," Patra explains to The Jamaica Star in September of 2012.

"Honestly, because I've been away for such a long period, trying to get back everything together, me writing a lot and can express myself more to my fans is the most important thing. I really don't have that in my mind but there are people who call me and who I will be working with and I think it's not the right time. I'm just gonna establish myself back to my fans right now," she continued.

On her new single, Sweet Reggae Music, Patra echoes "What the world needs now is some sweet reggae music," making a slight departure from her per usual vocal style of sexy Dancehall, yet she effortlessly puts her singing and rhyming talents on the hypnotizing instrumentals and displays that she haven't lost her touch on the mic…regardless of how long it has been.

As she preps her fifth studio album, Patra: The Continuation, she told Vibe Magazine in June 2012 that her fans can simply expect the best work she's ever complied with this, her official return to the musical landscape.

"It's the simple things that you've done as an individual that make you who you are. Sometimes we just like to get our hair and nails done to get sexy, even if we're not going there. It's the simplest thing, as a woman, that we do to make us feel that word, how to love yourself, be confident, how to express yourself, physically, emotional, mentally. This album is driven on that, and that's why it's called the continuation; and of course, the fellas love it for a different reason. But, for the ladies, they'll be able to understand it and as a result, become more vocal."

Patra featuring Delus – Come Ova

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