Puma creates new language with dance Image

by Biko Kennedy

Ever found yourself yearning to say something but can't find the right way to express your emotions? This is where interpretive dance comes into play and oh, if you're not much of a dancer Puma Dance Dictionary got you cover.

Before there were words, texts, twitter...we had body language and Puma is hoping it's new messaging platform and language will have us all stop saying what we want and moving it instead. With this new platform, the PUMA Dance Dictionary, it allows you to deliver a variety of common phrases through dance moves.

The platform offers a chance to create over 10,000 different sentences using the forms in the application and replacing the words with the suggested options. There are 11 basic sentences, in which words in italics can be replaced. Each sentence is encrypted using the "dancing code" and can be shared with friends on Twitter, Facebook and via e-mail.

Giving us an example of word interpretation through dance, PUMA has collaborated with Mixpak boss and top producer Dre Skull on his single First Time which features Purity Ring's Megan James and Popcaan to launch the new Puma Dance Dictionary and with Dancehall songs laced with dance moves covering every emotion imaginable, what better way to launch their campaign?

The video features some of the best dancers in the world including Freestylers: Storyboard P, Philip 'Pacman' Chbeeb, JaJa Vankova, King Charles, Justin 'Jet-Li' Valles, Ron 'Prime Time' Myles, Comfort Fedoke, Ricardo Fernades, 'Tip-Toe' and Mami Kanemitsu. Dancehaller Dionne Renee and Krumpers: Big Mijo, Worm and Darren 'Outrage' King.

Be part of Puma Dance Dictionary and do support Dre's First Time single on iTunes

MIXPAK & PUMA Dance Dictionary presents 'First Time' by Dre Skull

Puma Dance Dictionary Trailer

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