Popcaan readies debut album 'Where We Come From' with Mixpak Records Image

by Biko Kennedy

Set to be released on June 10th, Where We Come From promises to make a nose dive into the paradoxical ironies of everyday Jamaican livelihood while highlighting what makes the island every blossoming musical scene so rich in nature...the people.

Musicologist, Wayne Marshall notes: “In turns uplifting and haunting, reverent and rude, Where We Come From gives voice, as the best reggae does, to the contradictions of life in a society rife with inequities and yet so rich. Whether odes to the ghetto or the good life, Popcaan’s lyrics bring realist portraits and utopian visions into dynamic tension. Songs about struggle and sex and happiness occupy the same space because they do. And whatever the topic, Popcaan’s infectious positivity comes through.”

Having Dre Skull as the project's lead producer, Where We Come From sits comfortably on the Entertainment calendar as one of 2014's most anticipated Dancehall album with assurance to not disappoint. Above is the album's lead single Everything Nice with Love Yuh Bad acting as the second single pairing Popcaan’s signature melodiousness and catchy rhythmic flow with skipping percussion and driving strings. 

Treat your ears to these sultry and subtly energetic tracks and let us know what you think! 


01 Hold On
02 Everything Nice
03 Number One Freak
04 Love Yuh Bad
05 The System
06 Hustle
07 Waiting So Long
08 Cool It
09 Ghetto (Tired of Crying)
10 Evil
11 Addicted
12 Give Thanks
13 Where We Come From

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