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Pentateuch the young princes of Roots Reggae heeded the call and began a musical journey with an appropriately titled debut album "The Genesis" 2012.

Pentateuch, pronounced Pen-ta-tuk, refers to the first five chapters of the Bible and is not only considered by theologians to be the foundation of this great book but it also forms the basis of the bands guiding principles and is evidently the inspiration behind their music.

Graduating from Jamaica's elite school of music, Kevor Williams lead singer/song writer and Brady Robinson drummer/vocalist formed Pentateuch in 2009 and was originally a quintet. While studying at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, this affable duo saw their mission and developed their own unique brand of socially-conscious and uplifting roots reggae music, with the vision that it will serve as a catalyst for peace, love and unity across the world.

Pentateuch's debut album "Genesis" was the platform from which gritty songs like "Kingston" were delivered. The song speaks to the contradictions and reality of the city in a manner that is relevant not only to people living in Kingston but to those marginalized by the quest to survive in cities throughout the world.

In their recent acoustic single release "Black Face" the band lament on the lack of appreciation of the self in a gospel influenced chant. "As a band we felt as if we were doing something good upon the release of Black Face and although it was a journey into the unknown we knew people would be able to apply the message of the song to their lives.

We can talk for hours about that experience and i think this is the reason we were influenced to produce this new project Chapter V" (Kevor Williams).
This is a birth, an end and the future.

Acoustic on it's musical side, Chapter V focuses on giving people a deeper overstanding of the Pentateuch movement and what we and our music is really about from both an educational and meditative standpoint.

The EP comes from a desire to allow people to really know what we as a movement stand for. We want people to hear the words and to see the connection of our words reflected through the entire expression of the art, both musically and visually.

We had a presentation to make for a tv programme with famed presenter and living reggae encyclopedia David Rodigan and decided to arrange the songs in a manner that was stripped back to reveal raw expression of the music. The feeling it generated was so amazing that we decided to take it into the studio.

1. GOING HOME - Featuring Mutabaruka:  Speaks of the longing for freedom, the return to African lifestyle even being here in the west.  It speaks to "Home" on the levels of Mental, Spiritual, and Physical repatriation and nation building.  When we completed the music and recorded the vocals, we saw that there was an element missing and only the energy and voice of Mutabaruka could have filled that void.
2. BLACK FACE - Self Love - What more can we say?  A favorite among our listeners, the track focuses on the idea that we can contribute to the promotion of love of the African self and is a testament to the many people who have given of themselves for us to arrive at this realization.
3. AFRICA -  Is a reflection of the struggles we have been through, the greater message though is that it is up to us to make and be the change that we want to see.  It is an encouragement to highlight the fact that despite the challenges we should remain hopeful.
4. TIME BOMB - This song is special to us as it is the one gem in this collection that wasn't written by us.  It is a gift from Jack Rodics, he explained to us that the earth is ticking like a time bomb and without intervention the inevitable will happen.
5. CHANGE -  dont talk about it be about it.

That's Chapter V in our words.  Available through VPAL and all fine retailers online. Thanks for the support and be the change that you want to see.

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