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by Biko Kennedy

He was a figure that stood for peace and unity so much so that decades after his death people across the globe are still naming places in his honour.

The most recent to show its appreciation for the life and work of the great reggae legend is Tatnall Playground in Delaware, USA. The local playground is to be re-named and will become known as the One Love Park.

According to the NBC's online news site, the move was initiated to honour the Jamaican music icon. The decision came via a democratic process by the Wilmington City Council last Thursday. Following the voting process the decision was finalised to make Tatnall Playground located at 24th and North Tatnall streets, One Love Park.

President of the Wilmington City Council, Theo Gregory, said the timeless lyrics of one of Marley's most known songs influenced the decision greatly. "The lyrics of One Love and what the song has come to mean to people in the years since Bob Marley composed it, is what I hope to capture by renaming the park".

the song's message

He revealed that the song's message meant much to the city's people. "We all need a reminder from time to time about the importance of love in our hearts for our children and for each other. I want children who play in One Love Park to ask why it was given that name and accept their responsibility to make this a better city and world."

Other issues discussed in the interview were Marley's association with marijuana but officials are not keen on making that an issue stating that "there is a lot more to Marley's works, thoughts and ideas not associated with that (marijuana)".

In 1962 Marley's mother, Cedella Malcom, moved into a house within proximity to the Tatnall Street Park. That house in Wilmington City was also the home of Bob Marley in 1966, and his son Stephen Marley was born in Wilmington in 1972.

Original Story by The Gleaner: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20140407/ent/ent1.html

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