On Di Beat showcases future reggae stars Image

by Tanaka Roberts

Open mic event "On Di Beat" first staging proves new generation reggae acts are promising.

Gorgon Entertainment Group in association with Douglas Generation Promotions hosted the inaugural staging of "On Di Beat" open mic event on April 18th at 40A Dewsbury Avenue in Kingston. Organizer Striker Lee, son of legendary Jamaican producer Bunny Striker Lee, told Jamaicansmusic.com that he desired to create a platform that would showcase young talented artistes who would otherwise not have the opportunity. 

The show commenced shortly after 8pm with the vivacious host and up-coming artiste, Kim Nain, who also hails from the Gorgon Entertainment Group. The line up of specially invited aspiring artistes included Machu Ezra, Runkus, Vetta and Bastic. During the course of the night, other artistes were invited to take the mic as well.

Undeniably the show was a good indication that there is still raw promising talent who can carry on the legacy of Jamaican music. Runkus for example, who happens to be the son of renowned reggae act Determine, proved to be quite an impressive performer.  It was a humbling experience to see young persons promoting positive and conscious music, which was the general mood of the night. Vetta was another act who also stood out as a skilled lyricist, using a modern flow though still borrowing from vintage reggae. 

The event was well supported with artistes Duane Stephenson, Brown Sugah, Determine and Sky Grass' Rasheed McCallum among those in attendance. 

Striker Lee hopes to stage the event once every month with different young artistes, not limited to singers or deejays but also poets and dancers. Eventually he wants to take "On Di Beat" on a tour to all 14 parishes in Jamaica, highlighting that many of our great reggae acts where from rural Jamaica as well. 

For updates you can visit Gorgon Entertainment Facebook page for details on the next staging of "On Di Beat".

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