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by Biko Kennedy

Jamaica has always been a hotbed of unrefined, unconcealed melodic creativity and No-Maddz' musical-dub-poetry doesn't cease to amaze fans. To truly understand the group you certainly have to see them performing live…but then again how do you describe the amalgamation of a lead vocalist, a comic, a dub poet and the persona of an individual one can never really pinpoint?

Having captivated fans globally and received rave reviews on their debut album The Trod released in 2010, the quartet comprising Sheldon Sheppard, Everaldo Creary, O'Niel Peart and Chris Gordon is ready to unleash unto their legion of fans their yet-to-be-titled sophomore project.

Since the release of The Trod they have been steadily calculating their move of shock-value entertainment and gave fans the 'Sort Out Yuh Life Jamaica' EP coinciding with Jamaica's 50th Anniversary Independence celebrations.

As the release of their upcoming album draws closer, the group has released the New Bread Order EP; following their recent 'Breadfruit Is The New Bread Baby' theatrical production and much-talked about performance at the 21st staging of Reggae Sumfest.

In this track-by-track review we decode Nomaddz' animated persona as we twiddle our thumbs in anticipation of the sophomore project.

1. Rise Above Profanity

Grabbing your ears with vocal interplay comparable to no other group, Rise Above Profanity has become Nomaddz' signature song and a must perform at any venue. Tackling varying social and political issues indirectly, they asks 'wha dis' as they view society and varying public figures spiralling out of control, yet the average person will readily 'jump' at you for the use of profanity. This track arguably plays as one of their most creatively written, vocalized and thought-provoking pieces. 

~Memorable quote: "Poo Puku Poo Puku Poo Puku Puku Poo"," Bongo Clarke push 'im kyaat grass kyaat"

2. Corporate Jamaica

Describing the struggles of the average working livelihood within Jamaica's lower class workers, the quartet places themselves in an office setting where any and almost everything they do 'provokes' the flow of the 'powers that be' within the working world – in other words the 'boss man' simply won't give them a break.

~Memorable quote: "Seh lunchtime a 59 minutes don't take an hour/ you will get di letter from di boss man with di power/ stating that you've just been fired"

3. Breadfruit is the Newbread

Placed in a bakery-esque setting searching for something that's different from normality to inspire a new tasty option, the group finds a more wholesome option in the less mainstream breadfruit, and pays a deserving ode to the fruit.

As they ooze their per usual thought-provoking material, the instrumental and vocals arrangement play reminiscent of The Temptations' I Wish It Would Rain before building into an up-tempo ska-esque dubical venture.

~Memorable quote: "Finding to try a different recipe/ puddings, cakes and pies are history/ the new bread…breadfruit's the new bread", "This guy bread been getting ill-deserved fame/ I don't know why he's still ahead of the game"


Slowing it down a bit and showing a more romantic side of the group, Nomaddz pour their hearts out to their belles reassuring them that regardless of having to constantly travel and not being able to dance to the rhythm of their heartbeat, they are always swimming in the sea of their thoughts.  

~Memorable quote: "When I close my eyes, girl I think of you/ and what I realize, girl I do love you/ so when I'm on the road, I know its true/ you're everything I see/ I carry you in me"

5. Rhythm of the Nation

A more up-tempo track laced with a Congo drum backdrop, Nomaddz gives us an African-spirited single that you'd never readily assume was recorded by the quartet…all that was missing were the African chants. A perfect close to the EP leaving us to wonder what they'll offer on their next full length opus.

~Memorable quote: "We can do this together one step at a time

The EP will be available online soon so do keep up-to-date with Nomaddz' Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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