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by Biko Kennedy

In the 1980's Sister Nancy became the first female deejay to perform at Reggae Sunsplash. By the early 1990's Lady Patra found crossover success with 'Romantic Call', then came Lady Saw carrying the next generation of female acts into the 21st century.

Having recently sweeping the Youth View Awards on February 2nd with 4 wins Tifa has taken the baton from her risqué predecessors and is running furiously to etch her name amongst the female legends of Dancehall.

Acknowledging the struggles faced by female acts within the Dancehall fraternity, the episode journeys through the mind of Tifa and Spice.

Recorded during the days leading to the 2012 staging of Reggae Sumfest, the narrator/co-producer met with both artistes during their individual rehearsal sessions.

"I wouldn't say we're treated equally," opens Tifa as to how female acts are treated within the Dancehall musically landscape. "I feel like we work harder on that stage because most men; especially if they have a catalogue [of hits] will just go and sing their songs, and they'll have the audience cheering them on. As oppose to women; if she has to flip, split, jump, fly off the stage to make you enjoy yourself, on that particular night, she's going to do that," she continued before further explaining the many controversies that plague female artistes.

While Spice explained her unexpected arrival to the Dancehall scene she took time out to demonstrate some of the more popular dances being done at varying events by female dancers; inclusive of the 6:30 and Broad Out.

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