Noisey Jamaica smokes one with Popcaan Image

by Biko Kennedy

After appearing in the second episode of the Noisey Jamaica series, Popcaan shares lens time on the Snoop Lion produced web series this time having a sit down interview at the Half Moon Hotel in St. James.

The 13-minute-long video saw host Codine Williams spending a more laidback session with the artiste and his friends at the hotel speaking on his collaboration with Snoop Lion on the single 'Lighters Up', Drake tweeting/quoting his song lyrics and even lighten the mood by smoking her 'first' blunt/spliff/joint with him.

"Snoop Dogg visit Jamaica and said they wanted to do some records with me that's when I met with Snoop Dogg at Tuff Gong studio," explains Popcaan toying with a dining knife. "Me and him do some tracks and they are supposed to be featured on the album but I am not sure which ones yet…Drake is a yute weh a do 'im ting as a big international star so for him to recognize my music and my lyrics it's a good look, so big up to Drake," he continued.

Upon asking a question on his thoughts on other Dancehall artistes' performances at Reggae Sumfest's 20th staging the tone of the interview dramatically changed with Popcaan ultimately being disgruntled.

"Why you a asked mi dem question deh? Jah know star! A bare mix-up question yuh a ask mi bout…why you haffi ask mi? Mi nuh really waan talk…why yuh nuh ask mi bout mi music and wha mi a come out wid nex'? Yuh a ask mi bout some people who mi nuh wah too talk bout to…a nuh every artiste like me enuh," fumed the artiste before Codine, in an almost desperate attempt to hold Popcaan's presence suggested they "ignore the rest of the questions and you teach me how to smoke."

Watch them light up that blunt and Popcaan flirting with Codine here

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