Noisey Jamaica Relives Reggae Sumfest 2012 Image

by Biko Kennedy

Ever since that one euphoric Wednesday night, August 11, 1993 at the then Bob Marley Entertainment Complex, the face of Reggae Festivals has never been the same when Reggae Sumfest came to be.

Having spent the last few episodes interacting with varying artistes preparing for the 20th staging of the 'World's Greatest Reggae Festival', narrator Codine Williams finally heads to the showcasing.

Highlighting Dancehall Night of the three-night-long spectacle, glimpses of Lady Saw, Spice and Popcaan's performances were shown before the team headed backstage to hang out with Spice.

"Every year I try to top the year before," explains Spice on her performance to Regina Beavers of Fame 95 FM. "We're celebrating 50 years of Jamaican Independence and back in the days they used to travel with a horse and carriage but I kind of modernized it and instead of using a horse or a donkey I use a big thick nice man ya know," she continued laughing uncontrollably.

Relive the succinctly done clip of Reggae Sumfest here

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