Noisey Jamaica explore Dancehall's extreme fashion ethics Image

by Biko Kennedy

Arguably the Dancehall's sense of style is unparalleled to anywhere in the world. On any visit to Jamaica you notice one thing…there's never a dull moment in Jamaica.

Narrator and co-producer Codine Williams have spent some time in the island now and has noticed how out-of-place her tame chic stands against the ladies of the Dancehall.

Noticing that the trends tend to be psychedelic, provocative, ever changing and paired with multi-coloured wigs, Williams spent the day Keisha and her cousins (featured in episode one), receiving a makeover to blend in amongst the locals.

Heading to a few stores, Williams transformed her laid-back persona to one that reflects "Lady Gaga with my outfit and Nicki Minaj from the neck up…a little bit of Gag with a little bit of Minaj", then headed off to an outdoor party where she met with Popcaan and had local photographers spray her with their camera lens.

See the eclectic fashion story unravel here

*Episode 1

*Episode 2

*Episode 3

*Episode 4

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