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by Biko Kennedy

Receiving his much-talked-about epiphany to join the Rastafarian faith, Snoop Lion brings us a unique view on Jamaica and its booming and ever so captivating musical landscape in a ten-part series entitled "NOISEY JAMAICA Dancehall Show". In the first episode he highlights none other than Vybz Kartel.

Executively Producered by Snoop Lion Producer with co-production from Codine Williams and Andy Capper, the mini-documentary opens with synopsis from Codine Williams as to her affinity to the Dancehall culture with a brief history that paved the way for persons such as Popcaan, TommyLee Sparta, Konshens and Tifa.

Interviewing Dre Skull, Producer and CEO of Mixpak Records, he openly admits that Kartel is "one of the greatest lyricists ever in Jamaican history and that's something that gave him his start and set him apart."

Undoubtedly no one can deny that Vybz Kartel has single-handedly rewritten normality within the dancehall arena and as the years pass he has certainly evolved into the pacemaker of our generation.

Highlighting Kartel's currently imprisonment, the documentary went on to explore how he's redefining stardom behind bars. Hate him or love him or simply love to hate him, there's one thing everyone can respect about Vybz Kartel…his work ethics.

Watch as Codine Williams take a stroll through Vybz Kartel's Gaza Empire.

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