Noisey Jamaica enters the dark side with Tommy Lee Sparta Image

by Biko Kennedy

Arguably one of the most controversial artistes since his mentor's - Vybz Kartel - debut on the musical landscape, Tommy Lee Sparta's gothic persona takes over Noisey Jamaica's third episode.

His song concepts certainly are uncanny; his intonations are unparalleled and scream immediate curiosity with his vocal-rhythms extending and recoiling effortlessly on any given track. While his industry-mates set their priorities on that fun, hand-clapping, finger-snapping, head-bobbing, body-rocking, sing-a-long songs, Lee dives into the far darker side of the musical pool. From the melodies to the overall gothic-esque references, Lee's fanbase is just clutching onto his every word.

Opening with a snippet of Lee's 'Shook' music video, the mini-documentary sits with the singjay at UMI studios where they explored everything from his unexpected musical entrance to him channelling Vybz Kartel's uncanny work ethics.

"I can't believe that they say I'm the 'Anti-Christ' of dancehall," chuckles a laid-back Lee. "It's ridiculous…but that's the way it is," he added further explaining his unique lane on the dancehall musical highway and a few of his tattoos.

Enter Tommy Lee Sparta's gothic persona here


*Episode 2

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