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by Biko Kennedy

From starring in the Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial to walking away with his second Grammy award, Jimmy Cliff, at age 64, shows no sign of slowing his pace any time soon and is in fact embarking on a month long tour of Asia in March.

The tour, slated to commence on March 1 in Indonesia will end in Australia on March 30 with stops in Tokyo, Osaka, New Plymouth, Cairns, Singapore, Adelaide, New Caledonia, The Philippines, Melbourne, and more along the way

The singer/actor/songwriter sat with Winford Williams of the program OnStage to discuss everything from cosmic rebirths and the explosion of the Jamaican culture on the world to the current state of Reggae music and walking away with a Grammy win.

"The [Jamaican] language is a very integral part of our culture and people are [fascinated with] using it," explains Cliff on the use of the Jamaican dialect in the Volkswagen commercial. "It's so interesting that when people like Miss Lou used to highlight it and talk it, it wasn't so accepted…we were supposed to speak the Kings' language. But look at what's happening with [the Jamaican language] now, I'm just saying we shouldn't neglect it or look down on it," Cliff continued before talking about how he missed viewing the Bob Marley tribute performed by Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna and Marley brothers; Ziggy and Damian Marley.

Watch as Jimmy Cliff talk on transitioning from the days of The Harder They Come to Yellowman taking on the Dancehall sound.

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