No-Maddz pilot fans on a 'Romance' ready musical journey Image

by Biko Kennedy

Being disciples of their own beat while constantly staring in the eyes of change, No-Maddz have been working fastidiously on their next project; one fans are sure to fall head-over-heels for.

Working with the legendary 'riddim twins', Sly and Robbie, on their forth coming EP dubbed Taxi No-Maddz is creating compositions with the intention of taking listeners on a new musical experience.

A first for the quartet - working with a record label outside of their own - lead vocalist on the single RomanceO'Neil Peart, explains that the upcoming project is simply a means of which the group expressing themselves in a new light.

"Yes (the EP) is being produced by Sly and Robbie under the Taxi Label. There is no release date yet for the it but we will be dropping more singles in the coming months," explains Peart. "So far the first single Romance is going to be out on Digital Download and iTunes (during the week of April 21st). The group has been learning a lot from the label and sees this as the next big step in our career. This EP is just us expressing ourselves in a different light. Giving Jamaica and the world a new dimension as well as evolution and growth. The group believes that it should keep growing. And our appeal should be expanded at all cost especially as we compete in the main stream music market place."

"If you want to Romance,
I will be waiting for you baby. 
Just give me that one chance, 
let me pilot through the clouds for you."

Check out a live performance of the single below.

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