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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

Agent Sasco continues representing Jamaican music on the international stage . New music and video to come.

All eyes are on Assassin this Summer season.  The artiste who also goes by moniker Agent Sasco has been attracting a lot of media attention  lately after his guest appearance on International rapper Kanye West's recently release Yeezus album. The album, considered to be one of the most highly anticipated rap projects of 2013, sparked worldwide interest in the dancehall lyricist featured on the track Im In It.

"Certainly being on a Kanye album is a platform and a lot of people are going to see you and know you now," Sasco told, "The response to the verse has been crazy like: 'yo this is wicked, who is this kid' kind of vibe,  so lots of people reaching out to get some work done and I have to just once again represent myself and represent the music well." 

He acknowledged that although it is necessary to make the music appealing and the content comprehendible to his foreign audience, delivering authentic Dancehall is always at the forefront of his intentions. "When I was recording the verses in that session, I did like 5 verses and the idea was to not go in there and try to rap but just to put down something, throw the dancehall vibes inna it -of course, and put some lyrics in it that would be relevant to them over that side." 

Back at home, Sasco also stayed true to his dancehall roots on Reggae Sumfest in July. Hailed as one of the best performers of Dancehall Night and one of his person best in recent memory, his thought provoking lyrics laced with social commentary on a series of controversial issues struck the attention of his audience. "A show like Reggae Sumfest, you want to represent yourself and the music well yuh nuh. It's not just bout Assassin or is not just about the  individual performer at the time, it's a showcase of our industry and you want to represent the music well as well as yourself. That was my mission on a show like Sumfest," he declared. The song titles of singles he performed such as Talk How Mi Feel, Nah Sell Out and then Go Hard, alongside Damian Marley, Wayne Marshall and Aidonia, fittingly sums up Assassin's set. 

From being propelled onto the international scene with his cameo on Yeezus  to delivering an impressive Reggae Sumfest performance,  what's next for the artiste? 

Barely revealing much about his future plans the artiste expressed, " Well we stay recording and we stay doing our thing....Right now I have some work with a lot of overseas producers." Apart from studio sessions,  he is also to release a new medley video for his songs Shell and Tell Unuh

Visit his Facebook page for more updates on Assassin's Next Move! 

Listen to Shell and Tell Unuh:

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