New wave of conscious artistes triggers 'Reggae Revival' book Image

by Biko Kennedy

With the new wave of 'conscious' Reggae artistes bringing to the fore the true definition of Reggae, it's only right that the journey is properly documented and shared with the opening arms of the world. One man plans to do just that, putting his everything into making it a reality.

He is Gavin Hutchinson, better known as the author Dutty Bookman.

As the only published writer who has been involved with the Reggae Revival scene from before it started to garner mainstream attention, Dutty places the onus on himself for telling the story of how it really began; which will result in the form of two mediums: a detailed photographic-laced book with an accompanying short film to be spearheaded by photographer Ricardo Bailey, known by the Revivalists as El Puru, or simply Puru.

Dutty's intention of course is "for this book to record an accurate history of this important transition in Jamaica's history for the benefit of future generations."

With the book next to being complete – riddled with a myriad of video footage encompassing varying performances and one-on-one interviews with numerous artistes, musicians and supporters within the movement – the only obstacle left to tackle is covering the major Reggae festivals being hosted in Europe July/August of 2013 where an unprecedented number of Revivalists will be performing this year. Having dented his personal savings to be able to see these Revivalists in their purest element, Dutty now embarks on raising funds to compensate and put the finishing touches on the project with Puru accompanying him extending his hand in capturing some exclusive pictures for the Reggae Revival book and footage for the short film which will play as their experience while in Europe.

"Needless to say, our budget is a little more than passionate creative types can typically manage. We have to find airfare, accommodations and maybe we will eat a meal or two each day to sustain ourselves," explains a smiling Dutty.

The mission is to raise US$8500 by May first. With your help, Dutty will be able to continue his love of positive arts and culture in Jamaica and ultimately sharing it with the world.

But with each pledge comes a unique and interesting perk…

For more information or to make a pledge visit: Indiegogo

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