New school and veteran artistes join forces in Dancehall Image

by Biko Kennedy

It's certainly hard for anyone to deny the influential pull the Dancehall/Reggae culture has globally. With its raw energy courses through the realms of Dancehall, there's never a dull moment and this new collaborative offering speaks testament to that.

In an effort to promote unity between up-and-coming artistes and the veterans, the notorious Don Gorgon Ninjaman shares lyrical spotlight with Specialist on the single Dweet featured on Skatta Burrell's February-released Quarter Mile rhythm.

Since his release on still-pending murder charges, Ninjaman has been busy in the studio and explains that the collaborative single shouldn't be spun out of context and viewed negatively.

"We are not fighting the youths, instead we are trying to develop them and helping to bring back dancehall to what it once was in the past," quipped the newly-signed-to Downsound Records veteran to the Jamaica Star.

"Ninja Man is not really a crew person nor a person that works with bosses. But from yuh hear mi a endorse Downsound Records, yuh must know that we are heading in a positive direction. We are working as a team to get the music to the level of the 90s when 'dinosaurs' like me and Shabba and Super Cat were running the place. At Downsound, I am like a mentor to these young artistes. I show them the ropes and encourage them. Even in the recording process, we are a team, everybody put together their talents and make good music, and more veterans should do the same and help to develop the youths," he continued.

Speaking with On Stage's Winford Williams, the "front-teeth-gold-teeth-tek-off-gun-off-teeth" Don Gorgon explains "We come together as elder artistes and young artistes and seh we gonna build back a vibes in Dancehall…with my experience and their talents, mek me tell you di place a guh lock down."

Check out the video premiere and the Ninjaman/ Specialist interview as they explain the reality and what such collaborations can do for the Dancehall musical playfield.

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