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Taxi Endorphin Percussion is launched! Four established musicians - Darman, Pele, Achmad BaihaQi and the youngest Arif Harahap (9 years old) - joined talents in November 2011 to create new sounds and music that combine rhythms from Indonesia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Taxi Endorphin's launch performance in Menmteng Jakarta on March 9th (this video) involved collaboration with two Yogjakarta-based musicians - Justitias Jellita Zulkarnain and Rijal Maj.

Why Taxi Endorphin? Endorphins are the brain nerve cells that make us all feel happy. The taxi is an analogy that represents the media to transport us. This percussion team believes that they provide a medium that can stimulate the brain to produce hormones or endorphins of happiness. Through the medium of percussion, Taxi Endorphin is creating new works inspired by social conditions, politics and the culture of Indonesia in particular, as well as the world at large.

Their music creates its own symbols (semiotics) which became part of everyday life. The musicians try to recreate sounds associated with objects and events. Like the sound when the wind is blowing certain objects, animal sounds, natural voices and so on. Listen, enjoy the new sounds of Taxi Emdorphin, and put aside your anxieties!

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