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by Biko Kennedy

Being washed with a flood of new singles on a daily basis, it's certainly a joy combing through the wreckage to find true gems to keep on repeat.

Seated as a part of the plugged-in generation, decided to pick out a few precious stones to keep you plugged into your i-devices just a few more minutes.

Demarco – Love for Mama
Produced by Code 91 Records
Listen to the track here

Not to be confused with his 2009 single 'Mama Love', Demarco can't help but express his love and admiration for his mother on this single. Reflecting on past struggles Demarco sings "When school fee come and nuh money nah run/ a mama alone mi see a groun' kneel dung/ she ask fada gad when better will come/ three daughter, two son wid no income". Demarco has carved out a niche for himself on the musical landscape over the years and it's great to see him dancing from hardcore dancehall sounds to a laidback reggae vibe effortlessly. Don't be surprised if this turns out to be 2013's 'I love my Life'.

Tommy Lee Sparta featuring Tabeta Cshae - Spartan Angels
Produced by UIM Records
Listen to the track here

This, his first single for 2013, TommyLee Sparta releases 'Spartan Angels' on the anniversary of Bob Marley's birthday. Classifying his "gothic demeanour" as nothing more than a phase he deejays "Some ah seh mi blessed, some ah seh mi cursed/ God forgive me if ah me alone sin ah earth". Is the demon-riddled-phase over for TommyLee Sparta?

Konshens – U Better Miss Me
Produced by Washroom Ent/ Subkonshus Music
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Not a stranger to Reggae singles, Konshens offers up an emotional 'U Better Miss Me'. Suffering from insomnia, he is kept awake with racing thoughts of his lover not being by his side. "You better miss me, because the way I miss you I would die if you didn't too/ you better love me, but if you don't I can love you enough for both of us" sings Konshens on the chorus. This one is sure to go over well with his ever growing female fanbase.

Gyptian - Non Stop (Whine)
Produced by JK4 Music Group
Listen to it here

Has Gyptian found a 2013 'Hold You' with this one? Following the recent successes of the 2012's female-dance (whine)-oriented singles – Bruk it Dung, Jump, Bubble – this single is sure to be welcomed by the ladies with open arms. Spinning on the Elm Street Riddim Gyptian sounds more comfortable and confident here than ever before. The only thing missing now is an accompanying video.

Beenie Man – 24
Produced by Excobar Records
Listen to it here

With an effort to show why he's the undisputed 'King of the Dancehall', Beenie man releases the single '24'. Reminiscence of a late 90's Beenie, the single finds him confronted by a 24- year-old female, whom apparently met him in 2004. Not sure if this will appear on his upcoming album, but it should definitely be considered.

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