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by Biko Kennedy

Being washed with a flood of new singles on a daily basis, it's certainly a joy combing through the wreckage to find true gems to keep on repeat.

Being a part of the plugged-in generation, decided to pick out a few precious stones to keep you plugged into your i-devices just a few more minutes.

Masicka – Me Seh Life
Produced by Fresh Fame Records
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Playing reminiscent of an I-Octane-esque lyrical and vocal delivery, the piano-laced single doesn't disappoint. Looking for a "better day", Masicka reflects on life's many struggles and confesses that all he wants is to work hard for his own and make the best decisions along the way. On the hook he sings "Dem a draw fi gun/ dem a reach fi knife/ Selassie I son/ me seh life/ dem a seh shootout and bleach a night/ we want a better day….eh". Don't be surprised when you hear persons using this single as a personal means of motivation.

Mavado featuring Jah Vinci – Live to Make
Produced by Di Genius Records
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"2013 call me Steve Wonder/ cause dem know me nuh see nobody/ mi nuh see nuh don nor nuh boss nor nuh serge/ oh, what's an enemy to a gad, oh/ mi trod mi own path, mi face mi own kind/ mi nuh live a nobody yaad" deejays Mavado; somewhat addressing negative comments coming from a slew of fans, industry insiders and hate-riddled persons. Continuing his 2013 takeover, Mavado is making it clear to everyone that hating on his career doesn't even phase him right now…his mission is clear; not be limited by the sky, but making it just the beginning.

Di Genius – Struggle
Produced by Di Genius Records
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This snap-ready single finds Di Genius acknowledging the rough lifestyle of the average youth hustling to make it in life. Touching on a few topical issues, Di Genius questions "Wha dem think di youth dem a guh do now when them all on dem own?" indirectly asking the ordinary listener to reassess their braggadocios livelihood. 'Struggle' spins as per usual Di Genius Records style with layered vocals harmonizing and a great message behind the concept of the song.

Vybz Kartel Ft Gaza Slim - Children Are Our Future
Produced by So Unique and Adidjahiem Records
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Continuing his dominance from behind bars, Vybz Kartel opens the song deejaying "All a who rape likkle pickney fi dead/ all a who shoot likkle pickney fi dead/ all a who hurt likkle pickney fi dead/ mi nuh know a wah fly up inna dem man ya head", as Gaza Slim flexes her vocal strength with her rendition of the Whitney Hounston-popularized 1986 hit single 'Greatest Love of All' on the hook and second verse. As the rise of child abuse/rape/murder/kidnapping lingers the timing of this single couldn't be any better.

Aidonia Ft Deablo, Jayds, Size 10 and Shokryme - All 14
Produced by Magnum Sound/ Jag One Productions
To be released Feb. 12

Though suffering an unexpected leak, this single made its way to the internet garnering rave reviews from fans/bloggers and critics alike. Apparently an accompanying video is to be released with the single showcasing the J.O.P camp in full fury. The nod-influencing song spins with superb word play with each artiste's lyrics painting lucid images. Hopefully the video lives up to the hype.

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