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Fresh on the heels of his hot cover Ole Gangalee comes Nesbeth’s latest single Taste Victory. "The fans can look out for a lot of hit music from Nesbeth this year. Over the last few weeks I've been in the studio working on new tracks for various producers. I will also be doing a number of shows, both locally and abroad, in the coming months. This is the year that Nesbeth will become a household name in reggae music," Nesbeth explains.


Taste Victory brings the joy, the love, and the positively irie vibes straight from the heart. Be sure and stay tuned for Nesbeth’s forthcoming Victory EP, jam packed with old school Roots Reggae riddims and soulful, conscious lyrics, Nesbeth brings back a groove that makes you want to move, each and every time. Recently signed to Entertainment Soul Ltd, this is Nesbeth’s first project for the England based company.

Growing up in West Kingston, Jamaica, Nesbeth looked to music as a guide through the troubled times. Experiments in recording his own sound lead him to discover his voice and how to use it to communicate and express love to people around the world. Connecting to his audiences with authentic tales about his life’s most inspiring moments, Nesbeth strives to be the voice of his nation by creating music that reaffirms positive daily rituals and philosophies geared towards human rights and equality. Nesbeth is excited to
Taste Victory and hopes you are too.

Be sure to check out Taste Victory on iTunes today!

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