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Great is the joy creation without discouraging others people’s work

Indonesia :Departs from atmosphere here that wrapped the body, they want to prove Identity and capabilities originated from pseudo, Idealism, arrogance and ego that lead to division with deviant behaviour, that in the end they were able to return to enlightenment and learning from new dictionary.

Nath : Originated from a female figure lady rocker who had joined the seniors bring classic rock music and plunge into the world of reggae because she want new color in the world of reggae genre music, actually reggae is not stranger music for her  ears often she performed by her at that time, just call Bob Marley, Irma, Jage, Peter Tosh, Sublime, No Doubt, Tony Q Rastafara, Etc

On the 12 of  Dec 2012 Nath The Lions band launching housed in Planetaria BSD support by Oneline Production at Tanggerang

On the 3rd March  2013 Nath The Lions release mini album titled “AMINAH MENJADI BERITA” at Apache Reggae Bar-Bali support by JUKE! RECORDS Management production under the cold hand of a woman Julie Angel as Executive Producer and distribution by DIVA Records, but with one thing and another in Formation player  and song material is changes.

 Nath the lions and management launched #NEWTRAX titled “ I WANT YOU TO SAY” with Free Download concept, stream music that they play is reggae music, roots regae, folk collaboration with that in rock music, the color of  this  collaboration music they hope will give a fresh new look of homeland genre reggae music .yessaah

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