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Reggae Band Mystikal Revolution along with Sizzla Kolonji to ignite the stage at Redbone Blues Cafe for Reggae Fuzion 

Mystikal Revolution & Sizzla Kolanji is all set to entertain with a live performance show at Red Bones Blues Café this Friday, September 20, 2013 called Reggae Fuzion.

Organizer of the show Obrian Williams says, "Patrons should look out for an excellent show as the band Mystical Revolution & Sizzla Kolanji is ready to give outstanding performances."

After winning in the music category for the 2012 Heineken Inspire Competition, the band Mystikal Revolution has began to etch its name out in the Reggae history books. They recently released their debut album 'Divide & Rule' which is doing extremely well worldwide and features breakout single 'Black Woman' and hit singles 'Love Me' with Queen Ifrica and 'Reggae Skanking' with Bunny Rugs and Tarrus Riley. The group was featured on NBC recently as the hottest band in Jamaica currently. Cast and crew of NBC's Today Show few to Jamaica to do the feature and capture the band in their musical element.

"Very special things will be happening at the event, patrons can look out for a free copy of Mystikal Revolution's debut album 'Divide & Rule' as well as Sizzla and Mystikal Revolution will be performing their collaboration together for the first time. The song is called 'Gangster Story and is also featured on Mystikal Revolution's Divide & Rule album," said Sanjay Barrett lead singer of the band.

Sizzla is no stranger to the Kingston live music scene filling events like Behind the Screen at Usain Bolts Tracks and Records among many other events and venues in the capital city. According to the organizer of the event, Sizzla is always a crowd pleaser when he performs and patrons can expect to hear all of Sizzla's mega hits, including 'Thank You Mama', 'Gimmi A Try', 'Just One OF Those Days', 'Rise To The Occasion' and 'Dry Cry'. There is also new material that Sizzla will be performing at the event.

The event kicks off at 9:30PM at the Red Bones Blues Café.
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