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Blogs and Mirrors is the latest musical theatre production by Michael Holgate. It is produced by theUniversity Players and will run for two weekends- May 15 to 18 and May 22 to 25 respectively at The Phillip Sherlock Center, UWI

The Musical tells the story of four main characters whose lives coincide around a desire to believe in something much bigger than themselves. It is a story of empowerment and love in a world dealing with a variety of social issues in this age of technology. This intriguing storyline progresses with blogs done with the stylistic flavouring of 'spoken word' and is enhanced by choreographed musical theatre numbers and inspirational songs as well as humorous dialogues.

Features include: Toni Blair, Rudolf Tomlinson, Desmond Ennis, Tiffany Smith, Andre Bernard, Shola Collins & The Ashe Company.

Tickets are $1000 and can be obtained at The Phillip Sherlock Center.
Showtime: 8pm - Sunday shows 6pm.?
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