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by Jordan Delahaye

Major Lazer returns to Jamaica on December 20th for a full-out rave at The New Mas Camp.

Earlier this year the musical powerhouse that is Major Lazer staged an impromptu concert at the University of the West Indies here in Jamaica, which undoubtedly went down in history as one of the most electrifying musical experiences to ever grace campus grounds. The concert which also heralded the start of the school semester was only a teaser however and Major Lazer will be returning to Kingston Jamaica on December 20 for a full-out rave.

With a bigger venue and the momentum gained from a hugely successful year, Diplo and his platoon is primed to make Major Lazer Live a party experience like no other. According to the super-group, the venue change was strategic as they hope to bolster the party experience. 

"The New Mas Camp allows us to do a lot more than we could at UWI. We'll have the space for a bigger production: more sound, more cryo, more will be more like a real Major Lazer show than what we had at UWI," they revealed.

Black Chiney's own Walshy Fire - who is the resident hype man in the Major Lazer battalion - is imploring patrons to come with an open mind and open ears.
"Don't come with expectations. Don't come with any Vice. Come with an open mind in knowing that anything can happen and the mindset to have a great time. Also make sure you have a designated driver," he advised.

Major Lazer's second full length album, Free The Universe, which was released April of this year, has been garnering rave reviews from the music aficionados over at Rolling Stone, Allmusic and The Guardian to name a few. The album which features a host of international and Jamaican artistes, including Tyga, Bruno Mars, Shaggy and Leftside, has a distinctly reggae/dancehall feel as Diplo explained to Huffington Post that he is helping to shape Jamaican culture through his music. 

When asked to weigh in on the ubiquitous old-school versus new-school debate pertaining to Jamaican music and musicians, to no surprise Major Lazer revealed that they love both sounds. And with a bevvy of new talent on the rise here in Jamaica, who knows what kind of crazy collaborations Diplo and his gang will come up with next. 

If the music gods allow it, there might even be a Major Lazer/Tessanne Chin alliance in the future. "I love Tessane. I have never met her but I love her. I have been a fan from day one and wanted to work with her before so maybe we can. I think the world would love to hear that collaboration," Walshy Fire gushed about the songbird who is currently making her mark on NBC's The Voice.

For now Lazer lovers can get their free copy of the recently released Lazer Strikes Back Vol. 5, which features five incredible remixes of "Jet Blue Jet".  The single from their Free The Universe album featuring Leftside, GTA and Razz & Biggy, was revamped to now include compilations from Juyen Sebulba, Ape Drums, Tropkillaz, P.A.F.F., and Tujamo who put their own spin on the club-killer. Many are toting Sebulba as the winner here but from first listen It's Ape Drums that deals the knockout.

It's no secret that Jamaicans know how to party and Major Lazer is looking forward to that one of a kind island vibe, come December 20. Walshy Fire added: "Seeing Jamaica's appreciation for what we do globally; receiving that home town love - that's what it's all about."
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