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You’re officially invited to take part in the WeGeneration Music Copyright Seminar 2014. Topics to be discussed include: Monitoring your Music and Creative Works i.e Photography, Graphics, Choreography, Visual Arts, Music Production, Music Publishing. Also a Full overview of The 7 rights of an Artistes.

Play an active role In the protection of your intellectual Property Rights. THE WEGENERATION MUSIC COPYRIGHT SEMINAR WILL OFFER :

1. Membership with various copyright and collection agencies who can help you secure your music/creative works and earn from it.

2. Updated information on ways to protect your rights

3. Answers to burning questions on copyright and collection of Royalties

All registered individuals will be given printed material on the topics being discussed in the seminar.

For further details see flier attached To register send an email to copyrightseminar@gmail.com with your full name, phone number and email address. Deadline for registration is February 22, 2014

Protect your works today for the future. Looking Forward to seeing you there.

NB: Special group rates are available.

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