Lëk Sèn Takes Reggae Back to its African Roots and Beyond Image

by Jordan Delahaye

If you’ve seen the Denzel Washington action-thriller Safe House, then you’ve probably already been introduced to Lek Sen’s music. The song “Rebel Blues” from his debut solo release -- Burn -- was featured on the movie’s soundtrack and now, some four years later, the musician is busy promoting his fourth solo album.

The Senegal native started out as part of a rap group in the coastal African country until he moved to France where he began his journey as a reggae artiste. Fast forward to the present and Lek Sen has already proved himself a prolific reggae musician having released three (3) moderately successful reggae compilations and now touting his fourth.

His latest release, Jaam Dong, highlights a formidable talent and captivating charisma in Lek Sen that is bound to propel him further on the international stage. Jaam Dong is a fearless record that channels an underlying reggae inspiration skillfully infused with afro-beat, folk and African desert blues.

Though Jaam Dong is rooted in the reggae genre and his innate African sound, to label Lek Sen’s music would be to limit it. His distinct raspy vocals is as diverse a tool as any and carries nuanced reflections of soul whether the young talent is crooning through an acoustic set like he does with “Chant” and “Rogg I Jah” (both available on Youtube) or performing in his unique singing/deejay style.

“Ring Di Alarm” features an up-and-comer, Lexon, rapping alongside Lek Sen over a hip-hop beat accented with the blues guitar.

His stage name: Puppa Lek Sen, might sound strange at first but his music is instantly relatable to those familiar with the reggae or African music scene and still his sound traverses realms beyond those two planes. The album opens with “Zion” and Lek Sen is supported here by a backing female harmony that strikes a stark contrast to his guttural rap delivery. The track also carries an infectious hip-hop groove and presents a charming freshness.

Lek Sen mostly performs in English but much of his lyrics feature his native French-creole dialect with its afro-centric flair.

The peace preaching title track with its up-tempo urban rhythm and sprightly horn performance underlines the album’s excellent production quality. Jaam Dong stands out among recent reggae releases with its vivid eccentricity and Lek Sen’s authentic delivery that is all compiled with expert finesse.

Jaam Dong was released on June 9th and is now available on iTunes. If his talent and magnetizing originality are any indication, Lek Sen could very well be that voice of Africa that is missing from the global urban music scene.

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