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by Biko Kennedy

Konshens' mélange of thought provoking singles and at times sex-drenched lyricism has been successful thus far yet he's still far from a career climax and the ladies simply can't get enough of him. As he continues to push the limits of success, he plans to document each moment as it passes.

Through his eyes and via his journey to Uganda, Konshens gives fans a glimpse of the power of Jamaican music and culture with the documentary 'Konshens Live in Uganda Africa: The Journey, The People, The Love'.

"Going to Africa before, Kenya to be exact, was a great experience, the fans truly love and embrace the Jamaican culture more than we ourselves and I had to share this experience with the world," explains Konshens.

From the moment he stepped off the plane into Entebbe International Airport, fans desired to see, hear and know his next move; yearning to get as close to the artiste as possible but closer to his culture.

"When artistes from Jamaica come to Uganda, this is our time to get as close to the music and artistes as much as possible. We see Reggae and Dancehall as the music for the people, music that makes us feel liberated, makes us feel happy, makes us know we should live for today and give thanks for yesterday," intimates Yunde Malaweh of Uganda.

Released May 7th, the documentary was filmed by Ruption of RDStudios and captured the genuine love and excitement of over 25,000 fans as he performed.

"To see so many people in one venue, [there] to see one artiste and [screaming] for Dancehall and Reggae is a great feeling mi nah lie. I had to document the experience for the world to see, because for me to tell you about the experience don't serve it any justice," noted Konshens.

You can order the documentary here.

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