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Fast-rising reggae star Keznamdi recently returned to the island in high spirits from a successful Dread and Terrible West Coast Tour with fellow artistes Chronixx and Kelissa. 

The 12-show tour began on February 14 at the Tribute to the Legends Festival in San Diego, California, before moving on to sold-out shows in cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Ana, Seattle,  Oregon and Vancouver (Canada) just to name a few.


Keznamdi’s high energy performance was well-received at every show, his half hour set included songs such as Darkness, She Says, Supernatural, Roots Rock Reggae and Grade - the latter two being crowd favourites, igniting thunderous applause from patrons each night. Along with his sister Kelissa, Keznamdi’s performance paved the way for reggae sensation Chronixx to close the shows each night in ‘Dread and Terrible’ fashion.


23 year-old Keznamdi, who launched his career in California two years ago, was upbeat about the reception he received on the West Coast from a culturally diverse audience.


“It’s a good feeling touring California again, seeing people recognize the music and enjoy the performances,” said Keznamdi. “It just goes to show that the music is continuing to cross borders and the hard work that we put in over the last two years is paying off nicely.”


Keznamdi is already seeing the fruits of his labour, as music licensing deals, requests for international collaborations, endorsements and show bookings are in the making as a result of the tour. Keznamdi is now focusing on recording new singles and music videos, before the early-Summer release of an avant-garde mixtape with world famous Japanese sound system Mighty Crown.

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