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by Tanaka Roberts

With the success of his first single She Says, Keznamdi is set to release his second official music video "Weekend" on April 5th.

Up and coming reggae artiste Keznamdi released his first official single, 'She Says' from his debut EP, Bridging The Gap only six months ago. Since then he has garnered over 60,000 Youtube views, an accomplishment he expressed that he was quite 'astonished' by. Reassured that he is on the right track on his mission to make good music that the people will appreciate, the budding singer plans to officially release his second single 'Weekend'. "Weekend is basically talking about how people literally just focus all their lives around partying and having fun. Not saying this is a bad thing but in anything we do as human beings moderation is key and balance is necessary," Keznamdi explained about the lyrical content of his song. He further added that, "Life is not all about just partying and getting drunk; life is bigger than that. In my opinion, a lot of that energy focused on partying can be used to focus on self-awareness and growth. So don't give it all up for the weekend, only a little."

The song was self-produced by Keznamdi in collaboration with producer Element of Truth. The sound is described as eclectic with influences of dub step and hip hop while strong deep rooted Jamaican vocals seals its authenticity. His affinity towards Damian Marley's music is also quite evident in 'Weekend' as elements of the song are reminiscent of a classic Gong record.

Shot in both Jamaica and his present home California, the video is the crafty work of renowned director Salvatore Fullmore, who Keznamdi described as a "walking legend". In terms of concept the video is pretty straight forward depicting a young lady who goes out on the weekend and parties to the point where she has no control over herself. The artiste commented on this saying, "We are just trying to show people from a bird's eye view what people are doing to their minds, body and soul. In whatever we doing we need to have full control over our well-being, that's what I want people to get from the visuals showed in this video."

His EP, Bridging The Gap is slated to for release later this month. It features collaborations with Chronixx, Kabak Pyramind and Calico. He also plans to release another single "Darkness" very soon along with another video as well.

The video premiered April 5th on his page.
View the video here

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