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Reggae artiste Keznamdi has added his voice to the growing calls for marijuana legalisation in Jamaica.

The 22 year old Rastafarian believes that for far too long the world has been miseducated about the use and benefits of marijuana and that with recent developments in marijuana legislation globally, now is the time for Jamaica to amend its laws so that the country can benefit from this multibillion dollar industry. “In California where I’m based, Marijuana is treated like gold; there is a booming medical marijuana industry involving health tourism as people visit from all over the world searching to find marijuana for various health conditions. There are marijuana farmers who earn millions by supplying this industry and if Jamaica can do something like this, believe me, we don’t need no IMF money” said the artiste.

He also believes that if legalized, the justice system would benefit tremendously. “The prison dem overcrowded, a lot of youths in jail for a little spliff, and when you check it, these petty cases causing a major backlog in the court system. We need to decriminalize marijuana so that the courts can focus on more serious crimes that are destroying sweet sweet Jamaica”. 

Keznamdi recently released the music video for his Don Corleon produced track ‘Grade’ which is an ode to marijuana. The video, which premiered on the artiste’s youtube page last week, was shot in Kingston by director Ras Tingle. One of the main scenes from the video is depicting how legalization would aid the medical marijuana industry in Jamaica as a cancer patient gets medical marijuana delivered to her by a courier.

“Marijuana is a good thing and people are now just accepting that. We see countries all over the world legalizing marijuana and Jamaica should have done it a long time ago so we need to move fast now and get the benefits for the people of Jamaica”.

Keznamdi’s introduction to the music industry came after the release of his ‘Bridging the Gap’ EP last April which peaked at number four on the iTunes reggae charts and number ten on the Billboard Reggae Album Charts.

Check out his EPK below:
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