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The sweet and inspiring vocals on Keep My Head Up deliver an uplifting message. "I believe that suffering is a human condition. We all experience it to different degrees," says Kelissa.

With this single she is steady on a mission to encourage listeners to overcome this suffering. "Life has a way of testing our boundaries to show us what we are really capable of, and I think it's how we respond that reveals our level of resilience. We can always get back on track," she explains.

The music video, directed and edited by Nicholas 'Birdy' Shaw, uses vivid scenes and performance shots to create a visual experience that enhances the idea of overcoming. The modern treatment will take you one step closer to the better path described in the lyrics. The combination of time lapses and fast cuts propel you through the video, much like the song drives you to move forward through life. The behind the scenes - directed and edited by Andy Astwood - is also out and can be viewed on Kelissa's YouTube channel, Kelissa Anbessa.

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