Keesing Live Continues to Grow as Raging Fyah Rock yet another Successful Staging Image

by Jordan Delahaye

The venue for Keesing Live, located in the urban underbelly at 5 Keesing Avenue, may soon be too small for the events growing following. The turnout on Saturday night was hampered by the constant threat of torrential downpour, but was nonetheless substantial enough to make for a successful staging.

The event featured a small area for merchandising where attendees browsed and purchased jewellery, Reggae CDs and t-shirts. The show’s headliner, Raging Fyah, had its recently released album on sale along with t-shirts bearing vivid prints of the album’s cover art.

The gate opened at 6:30pm but the events main attraction-the live concert-did not get started until around 8pm. While patrons waited, they were treated to delicious morsels. The enclosed venue was also filled with Reggae music melting from speakers, which proved to be a good compliment to the food and libations.

When Raging Fyah took the stage at around 11pm, the crowd had already swelled to its peak and though there were some notable performances leading up to the main event, it was evident that most, if not all, were there to see the band perform. The band, which only recently returned from a successful European tour, seemed to lack some of their usual, infectious liveliness, however they did not disappoint.

The band began its set with an instrumental flourish before lead singer Kumar Bent, took his station behind the microphone. Destiny, their latest Roots Rock Reggae release, has been garnering favourable reviews and the band performed a few songs from the tracklist, much to the delight of the audience which was apparently already familiar with the new music.

“Nah Look Back” is one of their most successful singles to date and the crowd responded in frenzy as soon as they recognized the intro. The band also performed some of their older hits like “Judgment Day” which was also a crowd favourite and which Bent sang with marked fervor. The band played a tight and impeccable set.

The night was cool and the atmosphere, relaxed. The setting almost felt familial as the night’s celebration included a short birthday tribute to a spritely audience member who was just 8 years short of being a centenarian.

The night’s entertainment also included Jermaine Blake backed by the impressive Dubwise band and actor/comedian turned musician, Donald “Iceman” Anderson.

Blake, whose career is still in its embryonic stage, was overflowing with charisma and had the talent to match. Though he is a young artiste, Blake seems to have an affinity for performing oldies and his set-list included renditions of songs like Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up” and Errol Dunkley’s iconic “Black Cinderella”.  The up-and-comer proved that he is definitely one to watch out for.

Anderson also impressed the audience with his musical revelation. Almost everyone in attendance was already familiar with the performer’s successful career as a comedian but Anderson showed that he was also an adept singer, deejay and songwriter. D-Major joined him onstage for a brief performance which included his popular single “Real Know Real”.

Next up on Keesing Live’s ever-growing roster is Reggae luminary Ernie Pluto (Ernie Smith and Pluto Shervington), who is set to rock the venue in October.

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