Keesing Live bursts with enthusiasm for Heroes Day Edition Image

by Jordan Delahaye

Saturday night saw another successful staging of the ongoing live music series dubbed 'Keesing Live', held at 5 Keesing Avenue. The special Heroes Day edition of the series was definitely one that won't be erased from the memory any time soon and sure enough will be talked about for quite a while.

Backed by the Jah Works band, Neil Evans opened the show and proved just why he's certainly an up and coming act to keep an eye on. With his formidable performance, which reiterated the message of love throughout its entirety, he kept patrons fully engaged with his captivating vocals and stage presence.

After a quick band change Evans was followed by the lovely chanteuse Sherieta Lewis, who drew the growing crowd closer to her for an intimate set.

The singer/songwriter had the audience's ears as she sang songs that bounced between broken hearts and female empowerment; with the most intriguing being a mashup of Rolling in The Deep by Adele and her original single Lies, effortlessly showcasing her undeniable vocal prowess.

The songbird dedicated her closing performance to Reggae music and was accompanied on stage by one of Reggae's most promising young musicians, Kumar Bent - the lead singer of Raging Fyah. By now the pulsating crowd was lost in the music as they patiently awaited the headliner for the night; Chronixx. But before the militant singjay took centrestage, comedian Dr. Michael Abrahams sought to provide some comedic relief as he reminisced about his own childhood and delved into few "serious" social commentaries.

It was roughly 10:30 p.m. when Chronixx finally marched onto stage and it was clear that the audience was in for an impeccable treat.

Backed by the seven-man band, Zinc Fence Redemption, Chronixx performed a set fit for any arena as he started off appropriately with Start a Fyah and the crowd instantly came alive. 

The young rebel flipped through arsenal of hits, performing Dread, They Don't Know, Somewhere, Smile Jamaica and Behind Curtain with a special high octane rendition of Jesse Royal's Modern Day Judas much to the delight of patrons.

Known for his infectious stage presence, the entertainer delivered a powerful set from start to finish as he high-kicked, jumped and grooved his way through each performance and for persons who couldn't sing lyrics verbatim was equally content with grooving to the beats. 

Joined midway through his set, the lyrical mastermind himself, Kabaka Pyramid stepped on and performed an intense rendition of Warrior before he fed the audience some of his own hard-hitting lyrics. 

Throughout his set Chronixx held the audience's full attention and his fine tuned performances kept patrons yearning for more. Zinc Fence Redemption also proved itself a powerhouse in itself as the young musicians never missed a beat and each band member revealed their own prowess during their individual instrumentation set.

It was soon time for the night to come to an end when Chronixx once again took control of the stage with his performance of Nah Follow Nobody. The entertainer left on an inspirational note, drawing the show to an end minutes to 12 a.m.

Keesing Live proved that you don't need a big venue to put on a big production as the live music series continues to entice patrons from all walks of life. The array of talented young musicians featured on the show also left patrons reassured that the future of Reggae music is in good hands.

Stay tuned for the next staging!

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