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Kabaka Pyramid officially releases his new track "Well Done [Mr. Politician Man]". The song is produced by Damian Jr Gong Marley and released on the Ghetto Youths International Label.

Always the #accurate lyricist; Kabaka uses sarcasm to speak directly to the corrupted politicians of the world.  Instead of the usual lashing out expected he instead "congratulates" those who have abused their leadership for the problems they have caused the people of Jamaica and the situation the country finds itself in after over 50 years of independence. Social commentary at its best, catch some of the lyrics below:-

"Well Done, Well Done Mr. Politician Man
You've done a wonderful job tearing down ma country demolition man
Well Done, Well Done Mr. Politician Man
You've done such a great job selling out my country wit u business plan"

The song was first debuted to the airways by radio legend Ron Muschette as pre-release and has now been added to playlists all over the world including BBC 1Xtra with David Rodigan featuring it as scorcher of the week. Already an iTunes featured hot track; Kabaka Pyramid is looking forward to the support of this vital message from the people.

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