Journey behind Ziggy Marley's 'Fly Rasta' album Image

by Biko Kennedy

With his fifth solo studio album, Fly Rasta, set to be released April 15th, Ziggy Marley serves up a 8-minute-long mini-documentary with him narrating his inspirations, the special people involved, his most treasured moment of the process and so much more.

Fly Rasta is currently the #1 Reggae album on iTunes and his I Dont Want To Live on Mars single is the #2  Reggae Track . The album  set for release on Tuesday, April 15 is currently available for pre order on iTunes.

On Tuesday, April 8, One week before the release of his album, Ziggy Marley gave fans a peek into the album through streaming on iTunes' Radio First Look.

Watch the
Making of... below to get familiar with this new album, which Ziggy describes as individual entity:

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