Jimmy Cliff walks away with Grammy…says The Reggae Grammy Should Be Televised Image

by Biko Kennedy

The 64-year-old singer/songwriter stood amongst the plethora of stars in Los Angeles for the 55th annual Grammy Awards, walking away winner of the Best Reggae Album for his 2012 release 'Rebirth'.

Edging out those competing for the title - The Original Wailers (Miracle), Sean Paul (Thomahawk Technique), Sly and Robbie and the Jam Masters (New Legend - Jamaica 50th Edition) and Toots and the Maytals (Reggae Got Soul: Unplugged on Strawberry Hill) – Cliff victory is tainted by an uneasy mind-set.

"It's a nice thing to be nominated for a Grammy, however, I do think that people ought to see me on TV accepting the Grammy," expressed Cliff to Lauren Moraski of CBSNews.com. "It's about time they show me on TV, not the way it is being done at the moment for a Reggae Grammy where you just hear about it."

"When I was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [in 2010] I already knew in my spirit that it was a rebirth time for Jimmy Cliff to come forward again on the scene," 'The Harder They Come' singer explains. "That was a stepping stone to push me forward to what's happening right now. The music kind of went back to the roots of my music — from ska, to rock steady to reggae. It's all full circle."

Though it's virtually impossible to televise all 81 categories of the award ceremony, Cliff's heavy heart is added to the countless others who echo the same sentiments. Maybe the masterminds behind the ceremony may include a few more categories to future staging.

Jimmy Cliff, an active vocalist from pre-Marley pop stardom, came back in full force in 2012 to rave reviews from critics and fans with 'Rebirth'. The album even landed a spot on ABC News list of favourite tracks at the 48th position and further making its way on Rolling Stone's top 50 Best of 2012 at number 12.

If you haven't received your copy of Rebirth just yet, order it on iTunes here.

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