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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

Only days before he boarded his flight to Germany for alternative treatment for his terminal cancer Bob Marley spoke with disc jock Jay Strausser about Jamaican music and his career.(Listen to full interview)

Jay Strausser of WRUV Burlington, VT conducted what would be his last interview with Bob Marley on November 5, 1980 for his Trench Town Rock radio program.

Strausser spoke with Bob via telephone. Through a series of questions the beginning of the interview was more or less history lessons from Bob as he explained the evolution of Jamaican music and the dynamics of each transitions. Bob also spoke about his first experience performing overseas around 1973, sharing, "The record Catch A Fire, that was the first time we really leave Jamaica fi really carry the music outside of Jamaica." By "we" he referred to his group The Wailers (with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer) who at the time of this phone interview had parted ways. He recounted opening for rockstar Bruce Springstein in Max's Kansas City in the US  and touched also on the expatriate reggae community in England where he also played for the "Catch A Fire" tour.

"One Love, One Heart, One Destiny and Bob will see you soon"

The interview lasts for a duration of 13:16. In the last half Bob shares his intensions with Strausser to head back into the studio by April 1981 to record a new album, which sadly would never be the case. Though Bob reassured listeners he would see them all soon, the world would bid him farwell May 1981.

"Without the message there is no passage"

As stated by the man himself: the music never dies. Bob has left behind a legacy to which many have to lauded him one of the greatest musician to have walked this Earth. Strausser expressed to Bob, "Youve given me direction like no other," sentiments that Reggae fans all over the world share, even today- 32 years later. His music has stood the test of time, gone beyond the barriers of language, race and physical borders and by the end of the interview we are left with fond and lasting memories of the man who taught us the language of LOVE and oneness through his music, the legend.

Listen to Strausser's full interview here:
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