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by Biko Kennedy

International Reggae artiste Siccature 'Jah Cure' Alcock has been on a hiatus for some time now but he assures fans that his undeniable talent will be shining even more now packed with a new management team.

With his popular single That Girl gaining heavy rotations globally, Jah Cure notes that he has been off the radar in Jamaica for a minute now but with his upcoming performance at the Behind the Screen Series he's ready to show a new side of the Cure.

Stopping by Winford Williams' of OnStage, Cure explained that due to lack of proper promotion of his last album, World Cry, fans didn't get to experience the opus the way he intended them to.

"That Girl is number one in many countries right now," explains The World Cry crooner. "And I just came from varying places in the world where That Girl just start get heavy rotation.

"But because of the people we were dealing with at the time wasn't fulfilling…and you know how contract go and companies' businesses fluctuate and things fall apart from time to time, the album to have the reach we wanted it to have. But [World Cry] was a great album and my fans know that it's one of those classic pieces…there's a single with myself and Jasmine Sullivan is on there and there was a track with myself and 2Pac but it just wasn't promoted.

"But I'm going to show the world that I can do better than that…and you'll be getting the realness out of Jah Cure on the next album."

You can watch his interview OnStage below:

Check out his latest track with Jah Mason below:

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