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It is confirmed; the golden-voiced reggae singer, Jah Cure, is one of the headline acts for the Arthur Guinness Day concert. He will grace the AGD stage for the first time on Thursday September 25 at the National Arena. 

“It’s an amazing feeling to represent Guinness at Jamaica’s Arthur Guinness Day concert. Through Guinness, I have the opportunity to share motivational messages, thrill everyone with some good music and inspire positive vibrations. My music is about touching everyone’s soul; it is all about healing so the Arthur Guinness Day concert is a good platform for me to share my message,” Jah Cure said.

His music has had a resounding impact on the world with a plethora of hits including Unconditional Love, Reflection, Call on me and the soulfully passionate Longing For. With plans of debuting something new at the concert, fans can look out for another hit from the hit maker.

“I’m going to try something that I’ve never tried in Jamaica before, cyaan let the puss outta de bag” he chuckled. “Definitely, I will be doing something different to show why Jah Cure is a cut above the rest. I am absolutely pleased that the Guinness stage will be the stage where I get to display something different, Kingston has never seen the real side of me so it will be a historical moment as well,” Jah Cure added.

 “I did a John Legend cover that nobody has heard before so I’ll definitely be debuting it at the concert, new songs, new ideas and new arrangements; a lot of new things even new faces as well,” said Cure.

Jah Cure is looking forward to performing at the AGD Concert and has nothing but high praise for the event. “This concert is one that I am looking forward to, it’s a good event, well staged and well put together. I love professional events, everything is on-time and properly managed, Jah Cure is an artist that isn’t normally seen performing anywhere around Jamaica except for Reggae Sumfest yearly and most of my fans can testify to that,” Jah Cure continued.

“I like my stuff with a touch of class and this show is perfect; it brings out class acts to show their class and I’m happy about that,” he ended.

Racquel Nevins Brand manager Guinness explains that there are over 80 places where consumers can purchase a 6 pack or a Guinness bucket deal to redeem one ticket to the concert. 

“Each ticket is valued at J$2,000 and tickets go really fast so patrons are encouraged to get their tickets early,” she encourages.

The concert will feature top dancehall and roots-reggae acts including Assassin, Bugle and Lady Saw with a dose of soca from Mr. Killa and Skinny Fabulous. 

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