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Blazing her own trail among the new wave of ‘Reggae Revolutionaries’ out of Jamaica,Jah9 will be bringing a small dose of her Dub Treatment experience for the first time to the US East Coast. She is slated to perform in New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, Vermont and North Carolina between Feb 4th and 8th.

Anticipation of the tour peaked when it was announced that Jah9 will be performing alongside prolific St Croix 
based Midnite in Washington and Vermont. Details can be found on her website,Jah9.com or social media pages.

2015 is set to be a busy year for Jah9. Kicking off with her appearance on Rebel Salute, she is scheduled for a European Spring Tour and plans are well advanced to enter new markets later this year.

In her latest video ‘Avocado’, Jah9 shows a more playful and sultry side. The video was premiered by the prestigious Wall Street Journal. MTV IGGY described the ‘Jazz on Dub’ singer as "Possessing a chilling yet bewitching vibrato evoking a young Ella Fitzgerald and a rootsy coolness a la Erykah Badu”

Supporters can look out for the official ‘Gratitude’ video from Jah9’s debut album ‘New Name’. The song throws light on the practice of Rastafari livity as health and wellness. This theme is an ongoing part of the Dub Treatment experience, which is synonymous with Jah9’s live presentation.

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