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May 23rd is generally celebrated as Labour Day in Jamaica. We have a tradition of working together on this day in the community and beautification projects.

A word from Jah9:

Being born on a public holiday dedicated to selfless service means every year I celebrated my life with my service. 

The song ‘Gratitude’ has always been one of my favorite affirmations. Though the ‘New Name’ album was released 3 yeas ago

that affirmation is forever relevant.

As I reflect on the past few years, as my mission has evolved and bloomed I am truly honoured to have served among so many talented,

brilliant, generous and humble spirits who inspire my art with their own. This video is an expression of my utmost gratitude to all

my fellow creators on this journey with a collage highlighting the growth of a movement so music bigger music…

I am grateful to be able to share with all the people around the world, not just with words but with the evidence of our actions,

not to boast of our achievements but to ensure it is clear to all, that nothing would be possible without unity and

team work… but all things are possible because our only limitation is our imagination!

“Guided by the Most High no need for completion when Creative Cultivation of the Nation is the mission." 

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