Italian guitarist Samuele Vivian readies 'Dubwise' LP for March 1st Image

by Jordan Delahaye

It's been five years since the release of his debut album, “Mediterranea”, and after some delay Italian born guitarist Samuele Vivian, is finally ready to reveal his sophomore work. The musician will be launching his latest compilation this Saturday, March 1, at Redbones Blues Cafe where he has already been headlining a weekly show.

“I feel like I have been an alchemist with my guitar for the past few years trying to find the right balance between musical ingredients that geographically might seem very far apart but complement themselves perfectly,” explained the ace guitarist.

According to Vivian the album which is titled “Dubwise” is a fusion of his Mediterranean roots with Jamaican culture and was recorded between New York, Kingston and Venice. He explains that the album presents a unique fusion of jazz guitar, mixed with Jamaican dub and nyabinghi.

The launch, which will be the official presentation of the album to the public, is a free event and is slated to commence at 8:30 pm. 

The master musician has revealed that he has come full circle in the last five years and “Dubwise” represents a culmination of his quest to gain some fresh musical perspective in order to make his second album an evolution of the first.

“For over 4 of those years I've been based in Jamaica. I had the privilege of working and interacting with some great artists and whether they were singers, producers or instrumentalists, every time something new was added to my musical language. I've also been lecturing at the Edna Manley College where I've been in contact daily with a very positive and creative energy which certainly has inspired me as person and as a musician. The growth is comparable to learning a new language - a process that allows you to broaden your cultural horizons and understand a lot of nuances that were invisible before,” Vivian expressed.

The guitarist also shared that the inspiration for Dubwise included his love of Jamaican people and culture as well as nostalgia for his home. The initial spark that set him on the journey to Dubwise however happened in a single night.

“While I was sitting in a drum circle, the Nyabingi beat which reminded me of a heartbeat gave me the inspiration to write the first song "Crossroads" which is now on Youtube. It has been a very deep experience for me to produce this work and I'm excited to share it with the world,” he explained.

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