Irie Memories: Dennis Brown, Little Lenny, Maxi Priest and Shine Head on the Letterman Show in 1992 Image

by Biko Kennedy

When you have four extremely talented entertainers amalgamate to perform a cult classic and show genuine comradery on an international level is simply amazing.

The year is 1992; the place is Late Night with David Letterman on NBC; the occasion a musical tribute done by four of today's Dancehall and Reggae legends Dennis Brown, Maxi Priest, Shinehead and Little Lenny; the song Bob Marley's One Love with Little Lenny and Shinehead annexing verses to give it a unique Dancehall-esque vibe.

With the first and second verses belonging to Wild World crooner Maxi Priest and the Crown Prince of Reggae Dennis Brown respectively, Shinehead and Little Lenny carries the energy to unimaginably new heights leaving the performance as a truly enthralling moment.

Check it out below:

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