Gyptian's 'Hold Yuh' basks golden stance Image

by Biko Kennedy

Sure it might have taken three years, but Gyptian's smash single 'Hold Yuh' has been certified gold with sales of 500,000 downloads.

Certified by the Recording Industry Association of America, the single has sold over 541,000 copies to date, earning Gyptian a Grammy at the 48th annual Grammy Awards for Best Urban/Alternative Performance, a Soul Train Music Award for Best Reggae Artiste as well as a MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) Award for Best Reggae Act along the way.

Produced by New York-based producer Ricky Blaze in 2009, the single garnered a maelstrom of success a year later when it started island-hopping on Caribbean airwaves, generating numerous remixes, earning it many rewind-worthy moments at varying venues and stations before landing on a station most, if not all, Reggae/Dancehall acts yearn to hear their singles on; New York's Hot 97.

Hold Yuh made several sizable chart hops with the tune's simple rhythm - a six-chord piano loop accented by a bass line that drops in and out – captivating listeners with each listen. A somewhat unfinished sound seemed to be the singles genius element; a simple-produced track that allowed Gyptian's vocals to stand front and centre; a falsetto-friendly croon charming its way in women hearts.

Check out his latest offering Non Stop below:

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