Ghost steps into studio, readies 2014 album Image

by Biko Kennedy

Known for his sailing falsetto delivery and countless cover versioned songs including Chris de Burgh's 'Lady in Red', Air Supply's 'Nothing at All' and Shayne Ward's 'Breathless', singer Carlton Hylton, better known as Ghost, plans a major comeback on the musical platform for 2014.

Spearheaded by an album produced by his company, the former Monster Shack Crew member finds a niche in the market that other artistes aren't capitalizing on. Despite having not released an album in four years, he stands optimistic on it's inevitable success.

"Everyone is just doing music to please themselves and not necessarily the fans," Ghost points out to the Jamaica Observer in a recent interview. "The music isn't selling, as everyone is focused on doing singles to get a quick money so that they can get a hype. No one is taking the time to do an album ... we are too backward," he continued.

One of his biggest hits to date, was his original-penned Love You [hear above]; demonstrating that he's much more than just a cover artiste

"Some of the disc jocks don't even play my original songs, but they will take a cover version and run with it. I have lots of original songs," he said.

Ghost sang as part of the Monster Shack Crew during the 1990s with fellow deejay's General B and Roundhead; releasing the album Monster Party in 1998 before they separated paths three years later.

Their notable hits includes Neva Heard a We, Make Money, Do You Remember, Hotty Hotty Crew and Monster World.

"Roundhead migrated to the United States and currently resides there, he is concentrating on his family but he still does music. And General B is back and forth between the US and Jamaica and he too is doing individual musical projects," said Ghost.

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