Gaza Slim talks loyalty to Kartel on Noisey Jamaica Image

by Biko Kennedy

When ace deejay Vybz Kartel formed the Portmore Empire in 2007 it was clear that he wanted to develop and help propel the musical careers of particular artistes…one such artiste is Gaza Slim.

Despite being incarcerated for over a year now, Vybz Kartel's protégés remain loyal to the 'Gaza' camp with hopes of keeping the movement afloat.

In episode ten of the Noisey Jamaica series, host Codine Williams caught up with Gaza Slim outside a courthouse in Kingston awaiting the arrival of Vybz Kartel.

Slim, who is agreeably regarded as Vybz Kartel's most loyal protégé, shows off a tattoo flaunting one's of Kartel's monikers, Addi, on her right shoulder, in honour of the self-proclaim Worl' Boss.

"Vybz Kartel is the one that took me to the world…I just choose to put on this because everyone puts on Empire, but they don't mean it," Gaza Slim explains when asked about the tattoo. "So Vybz Kartel is an individual person, so I chose to put his name and not Empire."

The Noisey crew also travelled to West Bank in Portmore where Vybz Kartel grew up and got an intimate tour from the locals there.

Tour the Gaza City here

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